Download Seamless Nationwide NFHL GIS data


The most recent nationwide extract of the National Flood Hazard Layer is located here. The filename contains the date of the extract. Current effective extracts at the county level can be found at NFHL_National_... contains a subset of the NFHL data, in ESRI's File Geodatatbase format, and when uncompressed is about 12 Gb. The dataset will require the decompression uitlity 7zip ( to decompress, and all numbered files from *.001 onward will need to be downloaded. The layers included are: Flood Map Panel boundaries (S_FIRM_Pan), Flood Hazard Zone Boundaries (S_Fld_Haz_Ar), Base Flood Elevations (S_BFE), Cross Sections (S_XS), General Structures (e.g. culverts) (S_Gen_Struct), Coastal Barrier Resources System areas (S_CBRS), LOMR Boundaries for LOMRs since map has gone effective (S_LOMR), and Study information and Cross Section lookup tables.

Source: National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL)

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